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Squash sport Squash sport Squash sport Squash sport

Squash sport

The squash courts traded by our company can be divided into three main elements:

Flexible sports parquet system

PlaySport II Sleeper System:

PlaySport II is a cushioned sleeper and plywood system for uniform ball bounce and load distribution. The 3/8" TPR Two-Stage pad should be specified for increased shock-absorption and greater resiliency. This two-stage pad makes contact at two impact levels, cushioning both light loads and more concentrated force. On top of the subfloor is tongue and groove strip maple, available in various widths.

PlaySport II Sleeper System

PlaySport II Sleeper System

Safety glass wall system

Panel system

Each system is granted with the reference of the international SQUASH organisation.Sports fields are transported to the site in containers and assembled in a short time. Squash is a healthy, excellent and intensive sport, helping us to forget about our accelerated and stressful lives. By playing squash, we can come to know ourselves, our perseverance and our ability to struggle. It also improves our skills to make FAIR PLAY decisions.

„the game's technique is based on straighforwardness”

It is called the sport of managers although it is appreciated most by the young. In ten years, you can get into the front-rank of the world. A good example of this is the leader of the Hungarian Ranking List who is among the best players of the world.

„Squash can be the new sport to be included in the Olympics.”